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*** Click on these stars to access the University of Chicago Library's copy of KURT SETHE's transcriptions of the Pyramid Texts in their ABZU electronic database.  The window that opens may say "your session has timed out".  Just click on the "new search" button to refresh the search window.   When the search window opens, type Sethe, Kurt in the space labeled "Enter your search criteria" and click on the "Search" button below to initiate your search.  This should give you a list of Sethe's works that are currently in the electronic database.  Select Die Altaegyptischen Pyramidentexte nach den Papierabdruecken und Photographien des Berliner Museums."    There are two volumes, one from 1908 (Erster Band), and a second from 1910 (Zweiter Band).  Click on the entry for the volume you want.  These documents are scanned images of Sethe's manual transcriptions of the texts from the various pyramids arranged in a synoptic version.  I used these documents as the primary sources for my translation, supplemented by other more recent materials made available by Faulkner and others.  The index also contains some other valuable material on ancient Egypt including other important works by Sethe.


*** Click on these stars to go to the site Pyramid Texts Online where you can explore the Pyramid Texts of Wenas and download lots of materials for studying the texts.

*Introduction to the Pyramid Texts*

*Book I, Hymns 001-274*

*Book II, Hymns 275-437*

*Book III, Hymns 438-531*

*Book IIII, Hymns 532-664C*

*Book V, Hymns 665-759*

Glyph Text: Hymns 001-071

 Glyph Text: Hymns 072-203

Glyph Text: Hymns 204-245