The New Plan A

(The New "Business As Usual" for the World)


5 Projects to Bring Civilization into Permanent Harmony with the Planet

***The KEYS***

(Above file is a brief executive summary.)

If you are more interested in the spiritual aspect of life, start with Project 1

and read about the Projects in numerical order. 

If you are more oriented toward practical, material life,

start from Project 5 and read about the Projects in reverse numerical order.

You might like to start with Project 0: Popcorn Time to set up a viewpoint that renders the whole process

easy, enjoyable, totally effortless, and a kind of celebration.

Project 0: Popcorn Time

Project 1: Stable Awareness

Project 2: Clear Thinking

Project 3: Holistic Relationships

Project 4: Clean Energy

Project 5: Sustainable Economy

At the end of the Project 5 chapter I include a short list of references


*** Click on the stars and visit the Earth Policy Institute website where you can download Lester Brown's book, Plan B: Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble, as well as many well-informed articles and updates on the topic of how to shape future Earth Policy.  Brown fills in many details and references with respect to Projects 4 and 5.   In his book he calls "Business as Usual" Plan A.  I call my Plan for a Planet "Plan A" because Plan B must become our Plan A "Business as Usual" for the planet if we plan to stick around and pursue civilized business of any kind.

Latest update: Apr. 14, 2014

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