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Popcorn Time! Enlightenment for Everybody

by Weser Amen (The Wizard of Amen)

Popcorn Time is an entertaining, surprise-filled little book about "enlightenment".   Dr. White (AKA the Wizard of Amen) describes in simple, "scientific" layman's language a remarkable leap in consciousness that is happening around the globe right now.  Once people put together the facts of reality that they heard about in high school, but were not really paying close attention to (for obvious teenager reasons), they discover that they have always been enlightened.  As the enlightened viewpoint sweeps the planet, human civilization will be radically transformed.

Price: FREE

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A Plan for a Planet:

An Outline of Ways to Stabilize Civilization on our Planet for the Long Term


The Eternal Xmas and New Year Card

          (FREE DOWNLOAD)

The above graphic is a tableau from the ancient Cosmic Comic Book known as the Amduat.  You may click on the tableau to download the image plus a detailed description of its strange contents. The tableau is part of a set of 12 such complex images that also contain detailed texts and labels describing what goes on.  The work was developed during the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago and describes the aspect of life that is invisible to or ignored by most people.   The entire work with the illustrations, hieroglyphic text, English translation and a detailed commentary is available below in the catalog as A Tour of Atlantis or What Happens in the Astral Realm.


An Enlightened Translation and Commentary

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras form one of the magnificent gems of classical Sanskrit literature.   The book is brief, concise, and utterly practical.   It is also filled with a subtle humor that is seldom found in Indian literature.   Dr. White has made a new translation with a revolutionary commentary that makes clear the amazing impact Patanjali's wry wisdom can have on your life.  He shows you how virtually anyone can attain full enlightenment in a few seconds and then go on to enjoy unbounded success in all areas of life.   The book contains the original Sanskrit text plus a transliteration.   Dr. White also provides practical cues so that you can "get it" right away through direct experience of the great illumination and then enjoy the whole simple and enjoyable path to fulfillment of life that Patanjali outlines so clearly.  Don't miss this one.   "Enlightenment" for 6 bucks and a little attentive reading -- what a deal!

To read a recent review of this book by Michael Laughrin,, click HERE.

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Printed Version BACK IN STOCK.

The Cosmic Game: Secrets of the Senet Oracle Board is a curious book.   Is it science or art?   Is it ancient high technology or a madman's fantasy?   Is it fiction, or cosmic truth?   Is it real or imaginary?   Is it an oracle or a game?   Is it a spoof, or the long-lost secret key to the universe?   You will have to read it and decide.   This book and the one below (The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt) are Dr. White's unique gifts to the world, celebrating the wonder of the Internet.   If you click on the "View and/or Download" phrase below, you can browse the book online or download the book and explore at your leisure.    But be careful.   It could change your life in unanticipated ways.  Enjoy.  You may share copies, but may not sell or modify the work without written arrangement with the author.   Watch for updates, indicated by version number.   

Current version: 151207.  LATEST UPDATE!


The Cosmic Game is FREE to read online or download, enjoy at leisure, and share with friends.   However, if you decide that you like the material and want to support Dr. White's research into the Educational Technologies of ancient Egypt and other civilizations, we welcome you to click on the "DONATE" buttom below and make a donation of any amount ($5.00 or more).   This automatically qualifies you as a "Senetor", one of those elite few who have the inside scoop on the Cosmic Game played by the ancient Egyptians.

The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt

(An expanded and completely rewritten version of Dr. White's 2004 book, Thoth and the Tarot: the Amazing Secrets)

Part I: A History from Pre-Dynastic Times to the Roman Era

Dr. White has written a breakthrough book about the early development of the Tarot in which he identifies the man who not only may have designed the first 78-card Tarot deck, but also who probably wrote the first book describing the deck and how to use it.  Dr. White describes how this work evolved into an effective educational tool for supporting the legitimacy of pharaohs as the leaders of ancient Egypt and a secret society that shaped the course of the 19th and 20th dynasties during which Egypt dazzled the world with its amazing civilization. The "Da-Rekh" (Tarok) organization continued to clandestinely protect and preserve the knowledge and artifacts associated with their wisdom cult, ensuring  in uniquely creative ways that they would last through the dark ages after the fall of Egypt until our day when they might shine again in a new age of enlightenment, planetary in scale.   Dr. White also explores and documents the curious ways in which ancient Egyptian culture was transferred through the medium of sacred geometry and spiritual writing by means of special encoding techniques as part of the Kabbalah (Qabalah) technology used by Phoenicians and Hebrews.   The process began as early as the Second Intermediate Period and continued into the Roman Era.   Part I is free.   Updated Version: Oct. 16, 2015.


Part II: Discussion of the Cards, How to Do Readings, Spreads, and Games

An ebook in PDF FORMAT

Part II of this 500 page work by Dr. White contains a detailed description of how and why he designed his popular Senet Tarot Oracle Deck of Ancient Egypt in the way he did and includes detailed information about each card as well as samples of how to interpret the cards during readings.  He presents his theory of card readings and explores some of the ways by which people from the time of pre-dynastic Egypt down to the Roman Empire may have consulted ingenious Tarot-like oracles.  As evidence he produces examples from the archaeological finds of oracle boards and amulets of various different designs that allowed consultations remarkably similar to Tarot readings of today even though they were not carried out with printed cards such as we use in our era.  The oracle boards also were calendars and astronomical charts as well as embodiments of sacred geometry, refined art, and the essence of ancient Egyptian wisdom culture.  Dr. White demonstrates how the ancient Tarot technology is a wizard's gateway for awakening spiritual awareness, intuition, and a relaxed, abundant lifestyle.  He unveils for you a real ancient Egyptian STARGATE Technology recovered from the drifting desert sands.  The technology evolved from man's inherent love of games and the discovery that games can accurately model the way the universe functions.   Mastery of the game's internal design leads to knowledge of past, present, and future.  Every question has an answer.  The challenge is how to interpret the information and apply it successfully.  Part II can be ordered for $5.00. 

Click here to order only the electronic book (PDF format) of The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt, Part II

The Senet Tarot Oracle Deck of Ancient Egypt

(International Edition)

     Sample Card Images     Card Back Design  

THE SENET TAROT ORACLE DECK OF ANCIENT EGYPT is the original ancient form of the Tarot as both a game and an oracle, reconstructed from the art, archaeology, and surviving documents of ancient Egypt It currently is available in English and Chinese editions.  The English language edition includes the Senet Tarot Oracle Deck of Ancient Egypt plus a detailed instruction booklet in English.   This edition is available worldwide except in Taiwan.  For Taiwan customers, see the Chinese Language Edition listed below and order through a local Taiwan book store.  (NEW DELUXE TAIWAN EDITION IS NOW AVAILABLE (see photos and ad below). International edition still has a few decks available. For Mainland China orders, please contact Delta Point for prices and we will arrange payment and shipping in China. Book in Chinese, Deck, and Oracle Board are available. A larger velvet bag is also available in China with orders of the complete set.)

Price: $20    Shipping and Handling: $5 in the US.   To order the Senet Tarot Oracle Deck, click on the button below.  You may add the companion electronic book (pdf format), The Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt, Part II, Discussion of the Cards, How to Do Readings, Spreads, and Games.    No extra postage fees! 

Recommended Bundle:

* Senet Tarot Oracle Deck of Ancient Egypt

* Velvet Tarot Bag with Embroidered Eye of Wisdom

* Senet Tarot of Ancient Egypt Handbook

* Senet Tarot Oracle Board of Ancient Egypt

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Tarot Card Bags with Egyptian Symbols

 Price: $12.00



Crimson Velvet with Eye of Wisdom. Now available also in blue, gold, or black. Please specify desired color. Default is crimson.        

To order the Tarot Card Bag click on the button below:

The Senet Tarot Oracle Game Board    

Printed in full color on cloth for durability and easy folding.

Size: 41 cm x 75 cm     (16.75x30 inches)                                                              

Price: $16

Senet Tarot Oracle Board Layout  (BACK IN STOCK!)

Printed on Cloth:

Printed on Durable Paper:

Senet Tarot Game Board Layout 

(The Game Board Layout is still out of stock.  Sorry. You can download, enlarge, and color print the above photo or draw your own.)    

Egyptian Spiritual Classics I

The Pyramid Texts: Avatar Wizards of Eternity 

Dr. Douglass A. White has produced the first English translation of the Pyramid Texts with a detailed commentary and interpretation. The Pyramid Texts are the oldest spiritual literary corpus in the world. Unlike most ancient texts (such as the Rig Veda or the Book of Changes) we have the Pyramid Texts in original editions that date back to the 5th and 6th dynasties of ancient Egypt over 4000 years ago because they were carved onto stone slabs and then sealed up in pyramids until they were rediscovered in 1880. White's new translation opens up important secrets hidden in these texts that have monumental implications for our modern society.  Dr. White's pioneering translation and interpretation of the remarkable body of writings revives wisdom that comes to us from the dawn of human civilization.

The following volumes of the Pyramid Texts currently are available as ebooks in PDF format directly from the publisher by clicking on the appropriate buttons below.

The Pyramid Texts, Introduction (52 pp.)  Price: $2.95      Updated: 11/12/14

The Pyramid Texts, Book I, Hymns 001-274 (330 pp.)  Price: $9.95    Updated: 11/12/09


The Pyramid Texts, Book II, Hymns 275-437 (344 pp.)  Price: $9.95    Updated: 12/01/06

The Pyramid Texts, Book III, Hymns 438-531 (308 pp.)  Price: $9.95   Updated: 12/05/25

The Pyramid Texts, Book IIII, Hymns 532-664C (370 pp.)  Price: $9.95

The Pyramid Texts, Book V, Hymns 665-759 (211 pp.)  Price: $6.95


Click HERE for more information and access to the documents in hieroglyphs. 


Complete Set of Pyramid Texts in PDF format for $44.95.


Complete Set of Pyramid Texts in Printed Format: 

Egyptian Spiritual Classics IV

The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt: A poetic text that describes one of the oldest games known to mankind.  

The Senet oracle game contains within it the spiritual essence of classical Egyptian culture.  

The Senet Game Text of Ancient Egypt survives in three copies, one of which is only partial and all of which have lost the last few lines of text.  In this book Dr. White describes the contents of the traditional ancient Egyptian Senet Game Board and allows us to get a feeling for how this game related to the spiritual lives of Egyptians.  The Game Board eventually was used as an oracle and became one of the earliest ways of playing with the Tarok divination system (also widely known today as the Tarot) to understand situations in life and the trends of the future.  Dr. White has reconstructed the design of the Senet Game Board based on the badly damaged surviving copies and the work of previous Egyptologists, plus his specialized knowledge of the Tarot system.  This work includes a transcription of the original hieroglyphic text, an English translation, a detailed commentary and interpretation, a proposed reconstruction of the lost portion of the text, a photograph of the text inscribed on a tomb wall, and Dr. White's tentative reconstruction of the entire Senet Game Board along with its correlation to the major cards of the Tarot deck that has survived into our modern world after passing through several transitional stages.            

ASIN: B00332FF5C

*Price: $5.95 for ebook in PDF format

 Printed Version:

Egyptian Spiritual Classics II


THE LITANY OF RA (Tarok Naipe)               

Part I: An Introduction  (surviving editions and their relation to the Tarot/Tarok/Naipe cards)   

Part II: The Litany of Ra (with the card illustrations based on the Valley of the Kings drawings)    

Part III: The User Handbook (poetic text describing the use of the cards and their mantras)  

Part IV: The Hieroglyphic Text (computer generated typeset edition)  EXTRA BONUS! 

The Litany of Ra is one of the most important spiritual texts of ancient Egypt. Some of Egypt's greatest pharaohs such as Thutmose III, Sety I, and Rameses II had illustrated editions of this text included in the decoration of their tombs. Budge's English version is known fairly widely, and Hornung has produced a German edition that includes transcriptions of all the texts. Douglass White presents a new translation of the Litany with its full set of illustrations [recently updated with a new revised edition 06/2010]. He has also produced a monograph as an introduction (Part I), a translation and commentary for the litany with card images based on the ancient drawings (Part II), a translation of the poetic Handbook that explains how to use the Litany (Part III), and a computer-generated hieroglyphic transcription of the entire text [Litany and Handbook](Part IV). Each portion of the text has copious notes that take the reader deep into how the material was used by the Egyptians as well as its relevance to our lives. Dr. White also finds evidence that the Litany of Ra played a role in the evolution of the Tarot (Tarok) cards.  

BARGAIN!! Purchase all four parts (including the "Handbook" that is rarely seen and the complete hieroglyphic text) for only $19.95 as an ebook in PDF format.

 Printed Version:

Egyptian Spiritual Classics V


Discover how the great secrets that Ra shares with Isis can change the world.

ASIN: B003F76LLW  

Price: $4.95 as an ebook in PDF format

 Printed Version:



This book contains a collection of ancient Egyptian amulet symbols and neter icons that for thousands of years formed the basis of their classical culture.  Each image has a standard graphic format and certain mantra sounds that were associated with it.  Egyptians used these special icons and symbols as part of their spiritual cultivation.  Dr. White explains some of the subtle ways in which Egyptians used these tools and introduces each one with comments about its role in the spiritual culture.  The material is arranged as a perpetual calendar that a person may use throughout the year for personal cultivation if they so choose.   Once the principles are understood, a person may apply them in any environment or cultural context.

Price: $7.80 as an ebook in PDF format


Egyptian Spiritual Classics III



or What Happens in the Astral Realm

Glyphic Text, Graphics, Translation, Detailed Commentary

The Amduat is one of the great spiritual classics of the New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt.  It is the first text to explore in depth and with detailed illustrations the various levels of consciousness that range from waking state to the deepest levels of sleep, including tools for exploring these "Astral Realms" deliberately and consciously through meditation and other techniques.  This text takes you deep into an understanding of the Ancient Egyptian theory of the chakras.

All 3 volumes of this text are available as ebooks in PDF format or in a printed version.

Printed Version:


 The Heart Sutra and the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar

ASIN:  B003AYEPTA   Currently available only at

Sakyamuni Buddha's

12-Step Cycle of Attention

ASIN:  B003DZ1J2W  Currently available only at

THE BOOK OF CHANGES (Holistic Change Maker)   


Dr. White presents The Book of Changes in two volumes with the original Chinese text plus his translation and a detailed commentary that includes practical exercises that will give you direct experience of the changes in terms of your own life.  Volume 1 also contains an introduction that discusses the relationship of the Book of Changes as it developed in China with the earlier system of changes that the ancient Egyptians developed.   These new research findings brought to light by Dr. White are available nowhere else!

Volume 1: Introduction and Hexagrams 1-30   

Volume 2: Hexagrams 31-64, The Appended Essays on the Principles,

the Trigrams, the Sequence of Hexagrams, and Other Related Topics. 

To order The Book of Changes as a pdf file from this website click on the button below.


Get Volumes 1 and 2 together (619 pages packed with new discoveries)

for only $9.95 as an ebook in PDF format! 

Phonetic Semantography (PS) version 1.0

The Key to Speaking in Blissymbolics, the Universal Language of Icons

Dr. White has created a font and communication code called Blisscii (Blissymbolics Code for Information Interchange) that allows rapid touchtyping of the Blissymbols developed during the 20th century by Charles Bliss.   The documentation in PDF format includes an introduction to the elements, components, and compound icons of Blissymbolics.  With the Blisscii font and input method a user may generate the currently attested Blissymbols plus create an endless number of new Blissymbols in a consistent digital format that anyone using the Blisscii font will be able to display and read.   Included in the documentation are alphabetically sorted PS-English and English-PS word lists that include symbols attested in Semantography-Blissymbolics and Blissymbols for Use.  Dr. White has also developed in the documents a phonetic language that allows users to enter code swiftly on a computer and to speak the symbols as a coherent spoken language that precisely describes in sound the iconic forms of the Blissymbols.    This may be the first time that a language has evolved from symbols to speech rather than from speech to symbols.   It is also unique in that each phonetic sound exactly and consistently encodes a specific image.  As such it constitutes a remarkable experiment in linguistics and a model for the development of future information systems.   The Blisscii font (based on the Semant 37-46 fonts made available by George F. Sutton under a GNU license for use, study, modification and redistribution at will be available to download at no charge under a similar GNU license, although users must be forewarned that care must be taken in making any modified versions of the Blisscii font or later versions may become incompatible with earlier versions for generating documents.    Delta Point Educational Technologies will charge a small ($10) fee for the documentation in electronic format.

For a free copy of the Blisscii font, send an email to with your request, and we will email it to you.  That way you also will be on our email list to send you updates to the font and other information regarding the evolution of PS.


Materials on Cutting Edge Physics 

Observer Physics

The Original Set of Papers on Observer Physics by Dr. White.

Newly updated and now a FREE DOWNLOAD. 

Click below to access the Index.

 Observer Physics Index 

Theory of Observer Physics   

The answers to the following questions appear in the series of points in this article outlining the Theory of Observer Physics. The numbers after each question tell you where to find the answer. If you want the answer to the question, go directly to the point in the theory where the answer appears.

(2) Where does the Universe come from?

(3) What is the Unified Field?

(8) What is information?

(12) What is time?

(13) What is energy?

(15) What is space?

(16) How is information stored?

(17) What is motion?

(24) What is light?

(25) What is mass?

(26) What is gravity?

(27) What is quantum spin?

(28) What is electric charge?

(29) What is magnetism?

(30) Why does light seem to form a traveling wave that vibrates in two orthogonal transverse directions?

(32) Why are protons much fatter than electrons?

(33) What are photons?

(34) What is the fundamental energy flow circuit?

(35) Why are protons and electrons stable, and why do all protons and all electrons seem to look alike?

(36) Where is the missing anti-matter?

(37) What is inertia?

If you really want to know, here are the answers. You may not like them. You may not agree. But at least here is a coherent theory that gives a reasonable answer to each of these questions that standard physics thoroughly fails to address.

Some Principles and Discoveries of Observer Physics

This paper contains brief summaries to give you a quick overview of recent research findings.  For example, see the discussion of the Moessbauer effect and nonlocality and details of relations among quarks and leptons in the discussion of neutrinos and charge.

The Basic Approaches of Observer Physics

This paper contains examples of how Dr. White pursues research in Observer Physics.   These may inspire you to explore new directions in this emerging paradigm of our century's scientific endeavor.


The Un-Unified Field, and The Incorporation of Light

Here are two controversial books by Miles Mathis, whose mission in science is to identify and put a spotlight on the gaping holes in modern theoretical physics and then to suggest practical ways to fix them.   You may not agree with him, and sometimes he may be off base, but he is sure to challenge you with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Click here to read articles at his website.   Click here to order his books from his website.

THE QUANTUM KEY: The Simple Guide to the Quantum World --

Unlock Your Infinite Abundance

an ebook by Aaron C. Murakami

The Physics of Abundance is finally revealed! The gurus never showed you this!

A simple and common sense unified field philosophy for everyday people!

The theory section is written with simple mechanical models so a child can understand and will blow your mind open to the new emerging paradigm that will rewrite the textbooks.  He offers a new vision of what we think of as space (aether), dipoles, open and closed systems, mass (energy), gravity, inertia, time, light speed, and beyond. In the second part of the book Aaron gives you an overview of some of the exciting R&D that is unfolding now that will resolve many fundamental issues we face in this century.  Click on the Cover Photo or the book title (in blue type) above to learn more about Aaron Murakami, read a summary of each chapter, and/or order a copy.

Ignition Secrets the Automakers never told you about!

Learn about the long-hidden Ignition Secrets:

The only Ignition that actually burns water!

Another ebook by Aaron Murakami 

Click on the above cover photo, the "Ignition Secrets" title in blue, or the plasma spark plug banner below to learn more about a key element of the technological revolution that is underway and will change the world.

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