Atlantis and Ancient Egypt


General Background

Yoga Nidra and Atlantis: Awakening the Lost Continent

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A Tour of Atlantis

in  3 Volumes Covering 12 Hours


The Amduat is one of the great spiritual classics of the New Kingdom in Ancient Egypt.  It is the first text to explore in depth and with detailed illustrations the various levels of consciousness that range from waking state to the deepest levels of sleep, including tools for exploring these "Astral Realms" deliberately and consciously through meditation and other techniques.  This text takes you deep into an understanding of the Ancient Egyptian theory of the chakras.

Lavishly Illustrated with drawings based on the surviving texts.

The Egyptian text of the long version is fully entered,

and the translation and commentary has been updated,

as of July, 2011.

 As time permits and new material becomes available I will make further updates

Price: $5.00 per volume or $12.00 for the set.

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